In the autumn of 1969, a busted romance left me so devastated I couldn’t bear to return to my empty Manhattan apartment, throwing me on the mercy of…

January 2023

From "The Village Voice," June 19, 1978
On the glory of "Marquee Moon," from "Going Into the City."
The 86 (not 84) best albums of the last year (or so)
The limits of lists, the power of craft and wisdom over time, the vocal brilliance of Charley Pride, the educational playfulness of Sophie, '2666…
Hip-hop from the desert island our planet has become, chamber folk concerning another island (Haiti), polyrhythms that rock, and 18:36 of irresistibly…
Matt Rogers: "Goodnight Boogie: A Tale of Guns, Wolves & the Blues of Hound Dog Taylor"(2022, 241 pp.)

December 2022

On Todd Snider's third (official) live album, "Return of the Storyteller"
Music without distraction, the Kanye question, liking what you like, murder most foul, being a long-haired Clash fan, and Courtship 101.
Joining a polysyllabist in battling the algorithms: a midwestern folkie, Congolese avant-gardists, quiet songs with roots in Alabama and Texas, gorgeous…

November 2022

A lecture from NYU in 2016
RJ Smith, "Chuck Berry: An American Life" (2022, 415 pp.)