Apr 10, 2020 • 28M

Auriculum, Episode 2: Rob Sheffield (Part 2)

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Robert Christgau
Auriculum is a word Robert Christgau invented, meant to designate the entirety of each person’s aural reality. It’s also the name of the podcast that accompanies Christgau’s newsletter, "And It Don’t Stop," which is available on Substack. Expect discussion of — and arguments about — music, books, lists and much more. Read "And It Don’t Stop" here: https://robertchristgau.substack.com/

Episode 2 of And It Don’t Stop’s occasional Auriculum podcast continues my conversation with the eidetic wonder, Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield. We discuss the complications of hating Billy Joel and the Smiths when you never ever actually hated either, how sometimes “good” is an absolute and other times a personal preference, and how the scabrous Hamell …

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