Jun 30 • 48M

Auriculum (Ep. 6): Rob Sheffield and the first Quarterly Pazz & Jop Report

The first Quarterly Pazz & Jop Report

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Robert Christgau
Joe Levy
Auriculum is a word Robert Christgau invented, meant to designate the entirety of each person’s aural reality. It’s also the name of the podcast that accompanies Christgau’s newsletter, "And It Don’t Stop," which is available on Substack. Expect discussion of — and arguments about — music, books, lists and much more. Read "And It Don’t Stop" here: https://robertchristgau.substack.com/


In the first Quarterly Pazz & Jop Report, Robert Christgau and Rob Sheffield talk about some of their favorite records of Q1 of 2023 (or late 2022). Under discussion: Gina Burch, I Play My Bass Loud; boygenius, the record; Iris DeMent, Working on a World; Pictoria Vark, The Parts I Dread; Robert Forster, The Candle and the Flame; Lil Yachty, Let's Start Here; 100 gecs, 10,000 gecs; Softcult, See You in the Dark; Balka Sound, Balka Sound. Executive Producer is Sandy Smallens from Audiation. Mixed by Matt Noble. Thanks as always to Wussy for the Auriculum theme music.

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